LA MARINELLA beach resort restaurant residence events

Come to taste unique emotions that feed the eyes, the soul and the heart.

A candlelight dinner , in the company of the warm sea breeze. With the Gulf of Naples on the horizon. A memorable sunset, thanks to the delicious dishes of our chef masters . Cruditè of the Mediterranean sea . The catch of the day. Pasta and stuffing homemade. We only serve products selected by the most important ingredient of our kitchen: love for guests.

La Marinella, for people who want to taste the sea


A small but memorable tasting. A great opportunity to softly meet our cuisine. Living slowly an intense meeting with a series of unique recipes, with a taste that will never leave you.

A slow tasting to quickly fall in love...  

Pasta course

A strong taste. A meeting with the good flavor of tradition mixed with modern times. Because the future does not cancel the past, but improves it.

A first date you will not forget...  

Meat and fish

A fresh swim in the ocean, through the waves of the delicacy. Our plates of golden fried fish and tender grilled fish have an incomparable taste of the sea.

A second of pleasure...  


The sweetest way to say goodbye. Driving away the bitter moments thanks to the colored fantasy of our pastry chefs. You can be in ecstasy with our creams and pastries. The last waltz to dance together, to infinity and beyond.

A sweet life...  


Every important moment needs a special bottle of the best local and national wine cellars. Red, with a strong taste, or white and delicate for a sparkling moment. With a sweet aroma and fruity flavor. A pleasant walk from the best Italian viticulture , selected and served only for our guests.

Raise your glasses , it's time to toast to life.  

A little bite

Unforgettable images . Unbelievable taste  that will stay with you for a long time. Through the memory of a perfume . Of an essence . Of a picture guarded in the soul.

A good meeting

A sea of ​​passion. A plunge into the taste of poetry . Let yourself fall in a wave that overwhelms the senses thanks to the unique flavors of our land, that connects heaven and heart.

La Marinella, the best emotions

Reserve a table in the heart of the Sorrento Peninsula...
A place near the sea is tempting for everybody

This is why we advise our kind customers to book online, in order to enjoy the soft light of sunset. Our restaurant is easily accessible thanks to a lift and it’s connected to the world thanks to the free wifi service. We have the perfect place for all the special moments. Because certain occasions deserve to be remembered in a unique way. We wait for you, every night of the week except Monday. La Marinella is the place for a meeting with a magical flavor.

La Marinella, all the pleasure to share the same table